Online Water Delivery Platform in India

Our Online Water Delivery Platform in India is here to make the entire process of ordering water cans convenient and simple for you. PaniWala

Paniwala an Online Water Delivery App

allows you to order branded mineral water in just a few taps! Be it Bisleri, Kinley, or Aquafina brand. Paniwala home water delivery service covers almost everything. Just place your order and choose a slot, we will deliver the cans as per your convenience. We go the extra mile to ensure the purity and authenticity of the cans delivered to you. So, place your order right away!
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About Paniwala

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What is Paniwala?

Paniwala is your one-stop solution for drinking water needs in India. Two things we always take care of- authenticity and timely delivery. We have multiple brands of packaged drinking water, such as Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina, Oxygem. We also provide normal purified water from reliable sources.

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Proving the solution (Why go for Paniwala?)

Download Paniwala, and forget about the hassle of calling your local water delivery guy repeatedly. Rather than waiting for hours, you can conveniently place your order of packaged drinking water in just a couple of steps.

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Who are we?

Paniwala is a drinking water logistic company, and its services are backed by a strong and agile delivery network. When it comes to offering branded bottled water delivery services in India, we provide our customers with multiple options to choose from. We deliver the cans as per your delivery schedule.

Water Delivery Service

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Running out of drinking water? No worries! Just use our app’s paniwala feature and we will deliver water cans to your location in just 3 hours. We make it possible by connecting you to the nearest delivery vehicle.

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Scheduled Paani

Get your drinking water needs sorted three days in advance by using our Scheduled Paani service. Our water delivery app will make sure the cans are delivered to your doorstep right on time, even if you have been busy the entire day.

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Bulk Orders

If you are planning to organize parties or events, Paniwala’s water delivery services can come in handy. We accept bulk orders too! Besides our own brand of drinking water cans, we also provide other options like Kinley, Aquafina, and Bisleri.


We have packed our water delivery app with features that makes the entire process of ordering water cans quick and easy. From choosing your preferred brand of mineral water to the payment screen, every step has designed intelligently.

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Easy To Use

To provide you with a hassle-free user experience, our designers have maintained a minimalistic yet attractive user interface.

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Delivery in just a few taps

Ordering Online Drinking Water has never been so easy before. Our app connects you directly to the nearest water delivery agency to fulfill your needs in just a few hours.

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Easy payment options

To make things easier for our customers, we support multiple payment options, including cash on delivery as well.

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Customer Support

Have a query or need some help with your order? Just give us a call. We are always ready to provide you with a better experience.


Brands we deliver

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